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Optimizing Social Media Marketing on Twitter


Designed for beginners and experts, Socialius powers your Twitter marketing efforts using advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Language Sentiment, Machine Learning, Metric Scoring and more, on one platform.

Language Sentiment and Metric Scoring

Sentiment driven data helps you understand your Twitter audience better. Target the right audience, discover their uniqueness quickly and sense their pulse to form meaningful interactions.

Social Analytics

Powerful metrics are broken down into beautiful user-friendly charts that are easy to understand. Additional information is only a click away.

Performance Monitor

An intuitive dashboard lets you track the performance and progress of all your Twitter accounts. Find and gain followers, contact them, earn mentions and much more to optimize your coverage.

Social Media Productivity

Track all communication and manage it in one place – status updates, follows and more. Receive email alerts for important activity. Easily and quickly schedule messages using the simple calendar interface.

Content Marketing Engine

Share fresh, relevant and interesting content with your network quickly and consistently via our integrated content curating engine. Drive user engagement and build brand recognition with task automation and scheduling.

Account Share Management

Safely allow password-less account access, add team members and control data sharing. Designed to empower team collaboration and productivity.

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