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Peekshare is a content-driven messaging application that lets users share photos in a private and engaging way. Peekshare is optimized for a network of friends and also a local network. Users have the opportunity to see what’s happening around them and participate in sharing relevant content. Pictures can be taken in the moment or uploaded later and disappear once viewed. The app supports messaging, filters, hashtags, likes, views, and introduces features such as nudges.

The Peekshare team aims to promote connections between friends and community, while creating a space where users have privacy and control of what they share. Peekshare cares about how things look and work within the app and is focused on delivering a quality user experience.

Peekshare is bringing disappearing photo sharing to the rapidly growing mobile market in Latin America in a uniquely private, data efficient, battery efficient, and extremely easy to use way. We’re targeting a market that is hyper-sensitive to data usage and app efficiency, and is running Android devices that are far less advanced than users in North America and Europe, thus creating a market opportunity for us. Our apps UI and navigation is counter to that of Snapchat, many users in Latin America are very skeptical of gesture-based navigation and in many cases Snapchat will not run properly. The idea of your own messages disappearing shortly after sending them to your friends and your own images disappearing after only 24 hours with all those precious views (and in our case likes) we’ve found also create a lot of skepticism. We’re fixing that.

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