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South Korea

The Social Media Secretary that Automatically Hides Spam


Hidy the social media secretary will automatically hide unwanted social comments. It’s super simple tool for manage your social media. Swipe then hide your spam comments on FB, Instagram. It’s just like Tinder as you know.

Hidy is a crowd-sourced solution to spam. By analyzing all the “hides” you mark, Hidy predicts and automatically hides future spam. The more you use Hidy, the more sophisticated she’ll become. “Report spam” was always a hassle on Facebook and Instagram, no? By accumulating a database of spam messages, Hidy will evolve into an AI that can even predict potential spam (using Google TensorFlow)”

We’re very convinced about this project. Are you Influencer & Celebrities? or Page Manager, Product Marketer? Then you must pay attention to Hidy.

– Auto Hide spam on your social feed. It’s a Hidy.

– Coming to both Android and iOS.

– Currently in Request Beta.

– Planned to launch as a world-wide product.

If you are selected as a beta tester, you can try the Hidy app before everyone else, and get the rewards. Register now at http://hidy.io/us

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