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Leave Messages where you Travel, for Others to Discover


dropdrop allows you to leave a message or photo at your current location.

Other people can see drops you leave behind, and you can discover drops near you. Missed that cute stranger on the train platform? Leave an anonymous drop for them to find when they return. Want to plan a pickup game in your area? Create a drop, set its size to your neighborhood, and see who responds. Have something to sell that you need picked up? Take a photo, leave a drop that covers a reasonable driving distance, and anyone in range will see your listing. New to the area and need some local tips? Look for drops around you for ideas. You determine the size of the drop, its duration, and who can see it. Don’t want anyone to know who left it? Spend stamps and leave an anonymous drop. Everything on dropdrop is centered around location, so drops are relevant and timely. Drops don’t last forever, so the conversation stays fresh.

With news feeds getting noisier across popular social networks, location is more important right now than ever before to keep communication relevant and timely. dropdrop bridges the gap between real-world communication and online messaging. When creating a drop, it’s placed exactly at your current location. You can set drops to cover the size of a room, a building, a neighborhood, or a city. Drops can be set to last between one day and 60 days. After that, the drop is gone forever. You can also select from a list of your friends so that the drop is only visible to them. When a friend approaches the edge of a drop, they’ll receive a notification on their phone that a drop is in their immediate vicinity. Drops can also be left anonymously by spending stamps (currency that can be rewarded or purchased in the app).

This is the first time people can create user-generated geofences for communication. Think Bluetooth beacons without the hardware. We’re talking about messages that live at a real-world location, with a defined radius, lifespan, and visibility. We’ve built this app to be very open, so there are a wide variety of potential applications for use.

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  • Craig

    Hi everyone!

    Founder of dropdrop here. I’m excited to hear everyone’s feedback on our messaging app. We really wanted to connect online communication with the real world by associating messages and photos to a real place and time.

    We have an extensive road map laid out for upcoming features, including gifs, video, directions to drops, and the ability to pick up and move drops.

    It’s a very open platform, so the implications for use are really up to the individual. We’ve seen people leave surprise messages for their friends at a place they know they frequent. We’ve seen tips for locals dropped at different establishments. And we’re working out rules for an upcoming scavenger hunt using drops.

    For the technically inclined, you can think of drops as Bluetooth beacons without the hardware. You determine the duration and radius of each drop you create. We’ve seen accuracy up to 10 meters.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you all! Ask me anything!