1) Hey Stuart, who are you and what is your connection to UserInput? 

I’m a serial entrepreneur and the founder of UserInput.io

2) Can you explain what UserInput is and why people would need to use it? 

UserInput.io does a few things, namely allowing you to get feedback on your website or app, validate or explore a business idea, or run customer discovery surveys. You can even choose the demographic of the survey takers. 

It teaches you how to improve usability and trust issues on their websites, which increases conversion and revenue. With an app, it shows you where people get stuck in onboarding, or what confuses them, or how to improve the app overall. By running a survey on a business idea, it helps you learn what people would really want from your service, and if they would even need what you are offering. And with customer discovery surveys, you can learn what the biggest issues within an industry are, leading you to find new niches and new problems to solve. 

3) Did UserInput come about after a personal experience when looking for opinions? If not, where did the idea come from?

UserInput is basically a turnkey version of what I’ve done myself for years: running surveys about my website in order to improve conversion, and also running surveys to try to validate a business idea. I’ve even used the system to come up with blog posts targeted to a specific audience by asking the audience what they would want to know about a certain topic.

4) What are your short and long term plans for UserInput?

I ran a wizard of oz style MVP earlier this year to validate the idea before investing in it, and had about 20 users before building it out. Now the initial traction plan is content marketing via our own blog and pursuing some guest posting opportunities on relevant blogs. My goal is to get to 100 users a month within the first year, which feels quite doable. 

5) I see you’ve chosen to only offer premium/paid plans with no free trial or free option, what lead you to this decision?

I have to pay the reviewers for their feedback, so I cannot afford to give it away for free. 

6) Do you have any plans for scaling into the future, both in terms of features and on-boarding users?

I had someone ask about white labeling the service so that he could resell it to his clients, and I’m interested in doing that to expand the service in the future.

7) Do you have any final words of advice you’d give to any entrepreneur? 

Validate before building a full system. If it is at all possible to run a wizard of oz MVP where you just do everything yourself but pretend that it’s automated, do it. Get people to pay you for what you’re offering because that’s the ultimate validation. 

If you’d like to learn more about UserInput then just click here.