Who are you and what is your connection to AdLatch?

We are SaaS Labs, a solution-driven company, which is indulged in creation, promotion and distribution of disruptive SaaS products. AdLatch is one of the advanced SaaS products that are created by our proficient and dedicated team of developers.

AdLatch is an introduction to the product line of SaaS Labs.

Could you summarize what AdLatch is?

AdLatch is a tool to help bloggers and content websites fight adblockers. Millions of content websites and bloggers lose 15-23% of their daily revenues to adblockers – $20 billion in total, annually.

AdLatch offers an unconventional solution to adblockers which is a win-win for both adblock users and bloggers.

AdLatch adopts a multifaceted approach to the issue of ad blocking. Some Internet users prefer to pay a small sum for accessing content if that means they no longer are subjected to ads. AdLatch handles all the payment details for publishers, allowing them to concentrate on creating great content.

People use ad blockers because they don’t want to see ads, are you worried you’ll annoy people with AdLatch?

Not at all! Actually, we are very confident that users will love AdLatch. Since AdLatch ensure to encourage content sharing in exchange for access to a post. This can be a very effective method of promoting content through word-of- mouth. Many Internet users regard this as a fair trade and are more than willing to help promote quality content as it makes them look good through the principle of association.

Have you done any validation or testing?

Yes, we have tried to remove all possible bugs from AdLatch. Our eminent professionals have worked day and night to make sure that the product is hassle-free for the user.

Since the product is going to be launched pretty soon so still our testing team is continuously keep a close watch on the functioning of Adlatch.

What are you short and long term plans for marketing AdLatch?

The short term objective we have in mind is that Adlatch should be used by the bloggers, online businesses and similar entities to increase their revenue in a short period of time.

Long term goal we have for AdLatch is to spotify the content writers and content marketers. It means ads will be blocked but the content creators should be compensated reasonably and there is no loss for anyone. Basically, the goal is to make Adlatch a win-win kind of product for everyone.

Finally, do you have any words of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

It is the zeal of passion that drives human creativity to an extreme level. Never let this zeal goes away from you. Have faith in your dreams always, because that’s only thing that will be with you even in your darkest times.

And remember “Our dreams defines the ambition of our coming generations”

Thank You!

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