1. Who are you and what is your connection to Corro?

My name is Mikkel and I’m a former IT-product development student. I’m one of the three founders of Corro.io and currently the CEO.

2. Can you just explain what Corro is and why teams would want to use it?

Corro is a simple and visual content collaboration platform for marketing teams. Teams can easily plan out their content creation process, collaborate in creating great content and publish it to social medias or store it in their content database for later use. Whether your team are creating blog posts or designing logos for your upcoming campaigns, Corro is there to help you.

3. And where did the idea for Corro come from?

One of our close business partners had tried out a few solutions in the content marketing space and they hadn’t found one that could fulfill the needs their team had when planning their process, creating the content and distributing it on the right channels. In some way seeing other solutions fail, gave us the drive to try and create something better than them.

4. Have you done anything to test the market and/or validate the need for Corro?

We had some close partners in the start to validate what we wanted to bring to the content marketing space and since then we’ve had around 100 companies try out Corro and give feedback. We’ve now built a strong base for what we want Corro to become and now we need to validate all of the different ideas that we want to build on top of it.

5. During the development of Corro, have you had any issues and how did you resolve them?

You will be surprised at how hard it is to gather feedback and then evaluating that feedback to figure out exactly what would benefit the most users. It’s something we’re still learning and hopefully, we will end up being masters of communicating with our customers, since in the end all we want to do is create a solution that will ease the daily struggles marketing teams have.

6. What are your short and long term goals for Corro?

Our short term goal is 1000 happy users, since that’s the most important metric for us. Our long term goal with Corro is to create a solution that will assist marketing teams in all of the steps of their content process. Help them create better content in collaboration and easier distribute it and evaluate on what works for their customer segment.

7. And finally, do you have any words of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

It’s a grind, it really is. You might expect your company to succeed in the first few months of the company’s lifetime, but in most cases, you won’t. No matter how big of a grind it is, it’s an experience that allows you to challenge yourself every day on your own terms, and that’s what makes it all worth it.

If you want to learn more about Corro then click here to check it out.